Sarah Dryden-Peterson is an Associate Professor at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Her work focuses on the connections between education and community development. She examines issues such as the role of social institutions in immigrant/refugee integration, the connections between education and family livelihoods, and transnational institution-building. Her work is situated in conflict and post-conflict settings in sub-Saharan Africa and with African Diaspora communities in the United States and Canada. She is concerned with the interplay between local experiences of children, families, and teachers and the development and implementation of national and international policy.

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After the Journey: What US teachers need to know about refugee children.

book Read Sarah’s report, The Educational Experiences of Refugee Children in Countries of First Asylum, published by the Migration Policy Institute

For Syrian refugee children and youth, education is the front line.

Sarah testified at the U.S. State Department about how to educate Syrian refugees. Watch the video and read her commentary.


Refugee education in countries of first asylum. Refugee Children

Based on ten years of data collection, Sarah provides a comprehensive analysis of refugee education globally, including relevant policies and practices and school and classroom-based experiences of refugee children. This article appears in Theory and Research in Education.